Universal Sphere Sessions – Animals

Universal Sphere Session – Animals

Universal Sphere

As we know, “Everything is Energy!”

Our pets, plants, businesses, homes, offices, land and more can also benefit from the Universal Sphere. We are all truly comprised of the same energy at our core essence so everything in our world has the same potential to vibrate at the Perfect Universal Resonance.

The Universal Sphere can be done on or for any aspect of the world in which we live. The core of the Universal Sphere is the Perfect Universal Resonance, which is the inherent vibratory rate of every aspect in our world. This means that anything you can think of can benefit from the Universal Sphere: our businesses, our animals, our gardens and more!

The Universal Sphere for Your Animals

The benefits available to the human species through the Universal Sphere are also available to all of the animals in your life. They can move to a more vibrant, peaceful place in their own life through their experience of the Perfect Universal Resonance.
Owners have reported healing, less fear, and greater levels of peace in their pets after the Universal Sphere session.

The Universal Sphere for All Aspects of Your Life

The very nature of the name of this experience leads you to the understanding that this can be applied to everything, literally everything. There is no aspect to our world here that is truly inanimate so all that is here has the opportunity to experience a greater level of resonance with perfection through this experience.

Our motto is: “Try It On Everything and See What Manifests!”

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