Universal Sphere Session – Via Distance

Universal Sphere Session – Via Distance Universal Sphere

The Universal Sphere can be done at a distance just as effectively as in person. This work transcends the limitations of space and time because it occurs in the quantum field where time and space cease to exist!

Our guide for the Universal Sphere, Ashtar, explained how distance sessions work in the following way:

Let us explain distance sessions with a metaphor that is familiar to many at this time. You can equate this with “The Cloud” which is the non-physical mass of data, applications, and more, stored in its fullness in a non-physical location, that you access from your computers and other machines of communication. The information in The Cloud can be accessed at any point in time, from any location, in a moment’s notice even though you are not physically there! You can benefit from your connection to all that is stored in The Cloud without being physically in the same location or being there at the moment in time the information was stored in The Cloud!

The same is true when you access the Perfect Universal Resonance through the experience of the Universal Sphere. You are tapping into a non-physical source that can benefit you, bring more “information” into your life as you connect into it. The “information” can be about resolving a health challenge, or the “information” can be about finding peace and clarity around a personal challenge, or the “information” can be about bringing you to a new level of connection with the unlimited universal storehouse of information that will allow you to resonate at a more vibrant level than you have before.

Just as it is easy to connect with the information in The Cloud from a remote location, it is equally possible to connect with the Perfect Universal Resonance, via the Universal Sphere sessions, no matter where you are living on this planet.

“The Universal Sphere is an experience that exists in the quantum field outside of time and space dimensions. The inherent nature of these transformational energies is that they are all–pervasive. They are on all planes of existence, known and unknown to your realm, so in connecting to the Heart of the Universe, through the activation of the Human Heart, one is connecting with ‘all that is.’ When you connect with ‘all that is,’ and that is a state of perfection that transcends the human experience, you have transcended the need to be in the same place or in the same timeframe.”
Ashtar – 27 June 2012

What is a Distance Session Like?

Your distance session will be scheduled at a time when you can be in a quiet, relaxed place so that you have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the experience. You can be lying down or sitting comfortably in your own space. Your practitioner will begin the session and facilitate the Universal Sphere for you. During the session you might experience gentle physical sensations or have other sensory experiences, or you might not be aware of any sensations in that moment. You might even doze off to sleep during your session! Falling asleep will not diminish the session in any way. Whatever you experience will be just perfect and in tune with the perfect outcome for you.

Distance sessions are scheduled for approximately 30 minutes; however, your practitioner will give you additional details about the session timing.

As with all sessions, whether they are distance or in person, the most important part of your experience will be how you move forward in your life after the session is over! Whether you had many experiences during your session or none, you will move forward in your life from a place that is more aligned, on all levels, with the Perfect Universal Resonance.

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