The Reconnection

The Reconnection

The Reconnection

What is The Reconnection?

• This process is made available following a great disconnect that occurred 12,000 years ago on the human race. According to different sources who are studying DNA at the quantum level, The Reconnection is allowing the activation of our 12 strands of DNA, while reconnecting string (related to the vibrating string theory). It’s the reconnection of this new energy network around the Earth that connects us to it, by alignement of the axiatonal lines. So the client is not only accessing that new energy (which is usually very well felt), but mostly (and this is what it is considered new), to Light (speed and full spectrum) and to the Information (affecting our DNA).

• The purpose of The Reconnection is first and foremost, for our personal evolution, giving us a better connection with our Source, our Soul, our Divinity.

• The Reconnection is accomplished  with 2 sessions of 60 minutes each, with about 40 minutes in which the practitioner is working in the quantum field, to energetically reconnect a hundred lines and points (similar to the acupuncture meridians) to the axiatonal lines that reconnect us to the universal grid of the Earth and the universe.

• The Reconnection is Trade Marketed by Eric Pearl to represent the alignment of the axiatonal lines with the universal grid.

The Reconnection could help you to:

  • feel more connected with our Inner Source,  our soul
  • deliver us on our path of  life, our mission
  • guide us toward a career path that is related more with our Essence
  • raise our level of consciousness
  • becoming more who we really are (who we were intended to be)

What you need to know about The Reconnection session

The Reconnection can be facilitated in person. It is done in 2 sessions with a spacing of 1 to 3 nights between sessions. The fee is a fixed-price,  with the special 333 vibration, $333.00 for 2 sessions (adult or children).

How The Reconnection is done in sessions

Reconnectie Healing is done with ease, without music, without specific rituals, without mantras to recite. You lie down on your back, on a massage table (or in your bed or on a couch, if via distance). You will close your eyes and you will be brought in a relaxing zone, in the moment, being aware of physical sensations you could experience, sounds, images or perhaps even smelling. The session will take place without any physical touching by the hands of the practitioner.

History of The Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl and his best-selling book “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” shares with us how he received an alignment of the axiatonal lines, by a Gypsy lady in California, which was inspired by reading and integrating The Book of Knowledge, the keys of Enoch. Those 2 sessions had a major impact in the discovery of these new frequencies. Subsequently, Dr. Eric Pearl reworked with the Gypsy lady,  to understand the process, and make it teachable for people.  It then started to be done under the name of The Reconnection.


Sylvan Champagne’s biography with The Reconnection

After reading the book The Reconnection in 2007, receiving 3 reconnective healing session for my health problems and having participated in the training seminar of The Reconnection, I better understood what was The Reconnection and I immediately felt the call to receive it. One month later, my path of life changed drastically following a loss of employment in electrical engineering and, I decided to take the opportunity to start this work full-time…All this, led me to my Reconnection training seminars in 2008, and brought me to take the menoring training in 2009. Subsequently, I became of of the 100 mentors, and I participated in more than 20 seminars in the world as a teaching assistant. I also made more than 100 presentations to explain this approach. In 2013, I withdrew seminars, to devote myself more to my own pratice and clients. 


It’s important to understand that The Reconnection sessions are mainly done for our Evolution, usually dealing with major changes on our path of life. Therefore, all testimonials are just to share how people interpret the follow-up of their own experience. See my section of testimonials to read a few shares that some people have given me the right to share to encourage others to experiment this holistic approach.

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