Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing Presentation

What is Reconnective Healing ?

• This wide frequency spectrum uses a new energy network around the Earth that connects us by axiatonal lines. So the client is not only having access to Energy (which is usually very well felt), but mostly (and this is what is considered new), to Light (speed and full spectrum) and to Information (affecting our DNA).

• It’s done in a 60 minutes session, including 35 minutes in which the practitioner works in the quantum field, as a catalyst, to enable the person to have access to a new frequency spectrum. This has nothing to do with a particular technique, so, the role of the practitioner is not to diagnose anything, nor to send any energy, but rather to be present and observer.

• The purpose of Reconnective Healing is not about a particular problem, but more about to bring some balance and harmony, physicaly, emotionaly, mental and spiritualy. This harmonic condition could facilitate changes in several aspects of our lives, including at the physical level.

Reconnective Healing could help you with:

  • Restore harmony on all levels, physicaly, emotionaly, mentaly and spiritualy
  • When the four states are in harmony, different possibilities can occur
  • Receive what is the most appropriate for you, in the situation where you are currently.
  • A letting go of the results is needed, to not block the possibilities
  • Work in synergy with other approaches that you already
  • Put you on a new path that could bring you to a new awareness, helping you to deal with the problem at the source

Details on Reconnective Healing sessions

Reconnective Healing can be facilitated in person or via distance. It is suggested to do 1 to 3 sessions, with 2 to 10 days between sessions. The client will decide on the number of sessions he feels like receiving. My fees are set at $90.00 for adults and $70.00 for children or animals.

How a Reconnective Healing Session is done ?

Reconnectie Healing is done with ease, without music, without specific rituals, without mantras to recite. You lie down on your back, on a massage table (or in your bed or on a couch, if via distance). You will close your eyes and you will be brought in a relaxing zone, in the moment, being aware of physical sensations you could experience, sounds, images or perhaps even smelling. The session will take place without any physical touching by the hands of the practitioner

History of Reconnective Healing

Dr. Eric Pearl and his best-selling book, The reconnection: heal others, heal yourself ,have been at the origin of this discovery that interests the scientific community.  Eric Pearl is also featured in a documentary”The living matrix”. It does not come from a birth gift, but rather from learning to have access to those reconnective frequencies.

Sylvain Champagne’ biography with The Reconnection

After reading the book in 2007, I received my first 3 reconnective healing sessions, for my personal problems of heart arrhythmia, agoraphobia and hypochondriac. All this, led me to my Reconnection training seminars in 2008, and brought me to take the menoring training in 2009. Subsequently, I became of of the 100 mentors, and I participated in more than 20 seminars in the world as a teaching assistant. I also made more than 100 presentations to explain this approach. In 2013, I withdrew seminars, to devote myself more to my own pratice and clients. 

Testimonials on Reconnective Healing

It’s important to understand that those reconnective Healing sessions don’t deal directly with specific problems, but brings harmony to the person. Therefore, all testimonials are just to share how people interpret the follow-up of their own experience. See my section of testimonials to read a few shares that some people have given me the right to share to encourage others to experiment this holistic approach.

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