What is the Heartshift ?

• It’s feel like a wave of love, a wind of change adapted to the new vibration of unconditional love that is being established and felt since 2012 (and related to the new 5d)

• Unification of 3 chakras hearts (karmic – physical – spiritual), into a new Mega chakra heart, that some people could relate to the Cristal heart.

• Allowing the heart to open more,

• The unification process takes place in 3 separate sessions (1 hour each) composed of an energy integration folowed by a work being more in consciousness.

• 3 sessions are on 3 specific themes; Transformation – Connection – Creation

The HeartShift could help you to:

  • Accelerate and facilitate your Awakening and your Metamorphosis
  • Be more and more in your heart, no matter what is happening in your environment
  • Prepare your new Mega heart chakra to receive more Love and be able to send more Love to others..
  • Allow you to release what was blocking you to move forward in your life mission.
  • Be and Live your True, being more authentic and aligned with your guidance and soul.

How the Heartshift sessions are done ?

The Heart Shift Integration can be activated in person or remotely. The fees are set at $88.00 per session. Activation will be in 3 sessions, each sessions being a different integration.  A minimum of 3 to 15 days is required between sessions.

Get ready to enter into resonance with that new frequency of love, while you will have nothing else to do but to take advantage of the present moment in Gratitude.

How the Heartshift was brought ?

In 2013, some of my clients started to feel a new vibration at the level of the heart, during my presence, in person or even via distance. And when I was asking them aoubt their experience, a word was continuously shared,a major quantum leap to the level of the heart, allowing them to make peace instantly with things or people, which sometimes was a pain stucked deep in their heart.

Looking at my own past (including the electrification of 300 volts across my real physical heart).  It then became logical to be able to contribute to the elevation of that new vibration of the heart and love.

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