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channeled information about the Universal Sphere

Channeled information about the Universal Sphere™

Early channeling history

The Universal Sphere was channeled to us, through Holly, by a Higher Being by the name of Ashtar (no connection to Ashtar Command). Ashtar has been the sole teacher of this experience and she introduced herself to us in the following way: “My name is Ashtar. I am a warrior priestess from years ago. Years ago in terms of your time-frame, but I have always existed. As a warrior priestess I was trained in many arts, not the least of which were healing modalities, healing techniques, and healing manifestations that one might call magical. Yet they were not. They were just based on knowledge outside of the realm of the everyday world in which they were brought through, so therefore the lack of understanding put them in the realm, or category, of magical. So when one knows and understands, the magic ceases to exist and it becomes reality. It becomes fact.”
Ashtar – 13th December 2011

“I am here at your unspoken request to teach you a way in which healing can occur in this realm through a connection or coupling or interaction with realms beyond what you experience in your three-dimensional lives. The healing manifests in the physical body, the healing manifests in how people look at the world around them, which would mean how they feel about it, their emotions and how they think about it in terms of their mental processes. And therefore all of these impact their third dimensional experience of life.”
Ashtar – 13th December 2011


Channeled Segments Describing what the Universal Sphere does for you.

“The Universal Sphere allows a shift in the balance of power between the ‘head and the heart’. And when one is leading or experiencing, or tapped into a more heart-centered life, decisions, whether they are large or small, have an opportunity to shift in their expression … but what we’re talking about is not necessarily a specific human outcome, but also an energetic resonance that is shifted throughout all levels of the being, down to the tiniest atom in the DNA, in the cells, in the organs, and all the way out from that. So it’s allowing a greater level… a greater attunement of vibration to Source.”
Ashtar – 24th December 2011

“The Universal Sphere is allowing us to become a Universal Human, by allowing us to feel and experience once again our Universal Connection. When we were cut off from that connection to the Universe, it felt strange at first, uncomfortable and full of effort. After millennia of disconnection from the Universal Source, we forgot that we once felt “better” or connected, and this state of disconnection became the new reality. The Universal Sphere is getting us back into connection with the Universal Source. At first, it is waking up the long dormant cellular wisdom of our connection, just as the warmth from the Sun warms the soil, allowing the dormant seeds and plants to begin their growth cycle in the Spring. As the seeds and the plants begin to grow they reconnect with the soil/ground/planet through their roots, and begin to bloom into what their seeds had determined them to be.”
Ashtar – 13th January 2012

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