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Channeling – What are the activations ? – The High Council of Orion


What are the activations ? CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION – 2nd February 2014

Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood

“Greetings Dear Ones.

We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is that of the Activations. Some of you may be aware of the Activations and some of you may be hearing about them for the first time, but they are an important aspect of your transformation and your moving forward at this point in your evolution as a human, if you resonate with the idea of these.

We have been sharing the beginning Activations, of which there are many. We want to explain to you how they work and why we are bringing them forward at this time. The Activations are an infusion of energy into your physical and energetic beings in a way that you have not had before. On an energetic level they (the Activations) are composed of energy pathways that are in the shape of geometry, specifically sacred geometry. As this energetic, sacred geometric structure is put into place energetically within your system, on all levels, it allows energy from your planetary system and from the universal matrix of energy to begin flowing through you in a new alignment relative to the geometry of the shape. When you combine the light flowing through this sacred geometric structure, and its interaction with your physicality on all levels (we will say it is more of an interaction with your humanity, for it includes your physical experience and all the energetic, unseen, less tangible experiences) when this sacred geometric structure is infused into who you currently are and, the light, the energy of the Universe begins to flow through you and interact differently with you because of this sacred geometric shape, you step into a new level of alignment with who you are and who you want to be.

Each Activation has different geometry to it. With each Activation its interaction with you shifts you in a different, yet specific, way. The 111 Activation™ is the first Activation we brought through. As one is infused with the energetics of the specific geometry within the 111 Activation, it allows who you are, at all of your levels, to come into a new level of Soul Alignment. Now, what does that mean? What it means that you begin to experience your life in a clearer, more aligned way, allowing your Soul to more authentically express its voice into your life. It allows the truth of who you are to be less encumbered by outside influences. How that energetic system, working in concert with your Soul-level guidance manifests will be unique to each one of you, but we would say that as you experience the shift in your energetic as you move forward with this energetic in place within your system, you will find new levels of clarity. You’ll feel alignment to your Truth. You, in a sense, feel more comfortable with who you are and where you are in your ability to express that in your life.

The expression can be through how you verbally express yourself through your words, through your writing, through your typing. It’s how you express yourself in your beingness and the choices you make.

These Activations, of which there are several brought through, and many, many more to come, they’re infusing you with a new form of sacred geometry that allows new pathways of the Universal Light that’s always around you, in your planet and in your universe to flow through your energetic systems differently, allowing you to more easily connect with the progress that you’re looking for in your Soul’s life, in your human life. Each one of these Activations moves you in a unique way further and further along. In future messages we will share information about other Activations.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood 

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channeled information about the Universal Sphere

Channeled information about the Universal Sphere™

Early channeling history

The Universal Sphere was channeled to us, through Holly, by a Higher Being by the name of Ashtar (no connection to Ashtar Command). Ashtar has been the sole teacher of this experience and she introduced herself to us in the following way: “My name is Ashtar. I am a warrior priestess from years ago. Years ago in terms of your time-frame, but I have always existed. As a warrior priestess I was trained in many arts, not the least of which were healing modalities, healing techniques, and healing manifestations that one might call magical. Yet they were not. They were just based on knowledge outside of the realm of the everyday world in which they were brought through, so therefore the lack of understanding put them in the realm, or category, of magical. So when one knows and understands, the magic ceases to exist and it becomes reality. It becomes fact.”
Ashtar – 13th December 2011

“I am here at your unspoken request to teach you a way in which healing can occur in this realm through a connection or coupling or interaction with realms beyond what you experience in your three-dimensional lives. The healing manifests in the physical body, the healing manifests in how people look at the world around them, which would mean how they feel about it, their emotions and how they think about it in terms of their mental processes. And therefore all of these impact their third dimensional experience of life.”
Ashtar – 13th December 2011


Channeled Segments Describing what the Universal Sphere does for you.

“The Universal Sphere allows a shift in the balance of power between the ‘head and the heart’. And when one is leading or experiencing, or tapped into a more heart-centered life, decisions, whether they are large or small, have an opportunity to shift in their expression … but what we’re talking about is not necessarily a specific human outcome, but also an energetic resonance that is shifted throughout all levels of the being, down to the tiniest atom in the DNA, in the cells, in the organs, and all the way out from that. So it’s allowing a greater level… a greater attunement of vibration to Source.”
Ashtar – 24th December 2011

“The Universal Sphere is allowing us to become a Universal Human, by allowing us to feel and experience once again our Universal Connection. When we were cut off from that connection to the Universe, it felt strange at first, uncomfortable and full of effort. After millennia of disconnection from the Universal Source, we forgot that we once felt “better” or connected, and this state of disconnection became the new reality. The Universal Sphere is getting us back into connection with the Universal Source. At first, it is waking up the long dormant cellular wisdom of our connection, just as the warmth from the Sun warms the soil, allowing the dormant seeds and plants to begin their growth cycle in the Spring. As the seeds and the plants begin to grow they reconnect with the soil/ground/planet through their roots, and begin to bloom into what their seeds had determined them to be.”
Ashtar – 13th January 2012

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Channeling of Michael, Melchizedek & Metatron


Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Recorded and transcribed by Paul Marwood

[Holly] – So tonight we have the trio of Michael, Melchizedek and Metatron.
[Michael] – In that they are saying this is not the end but it is like the capstone to
the time that you have been together, this time and in previous times. Again in no
way hear that the capstone is an ending, but they are here in mutual support of
bringing this light work forward onto the planet and again they are reminding us
that this work is planetary in its perspective. Planetary in its perspective because
ascension on any universal cosmic level is being experimented with here as we
know, yet it‘s about far more than just this planet. And then within the planetary
experience, it’s far more than what people often think about, in terms of the
planet shifting and changing. You know, “Ohhh we have earthquakes,” or there
are natural events that are telltale signs so to speak of the changes within the
planet. When those natural disasters take out a large number of souls that are on
the planet, people can say, “Well you know they told us that a lot of people are
leaving now,” or “They have told us there are going to be a lot of earthquakes or
tornadoes in all this channeled information, and we know these things are going
to happen.” But it’s about the shift and change from the teeny tiniest little piece
within each and every living and nonliving being, all the way up to looking at the
grandness of the planet as a living being. You understand that with the Universal
Sphere you have been playing with Ashtar you are taking a microcosmic piece of
the macrocosm. Similarly this ascension is about the shift and change in the light
frequency and the light that is being held, and has the potential to be held, within
the very teeny tiniest non-visible particle all the way through to the largest thing
you can think about within this experience, which one would say, would be the
planet. So when one goes out into the world and they talk about ascension,
people automatically think of the humans, and maybe they will go to animals, and
maybe they will go to communities and systems, like governmental and monetary
and political systems.

[Michael] – But within all the social systems it is about seeing shifts and changes
that empower. It is also about what’s happening at the atomic level, at the level of
the DNA. Take the DNA for example, if the DNA in this physical experience
shifts and changes because of the shifts and changes that are happening as a
result of a greater level light coming in, then that has the potential to change
what? Every living thing that is a carrier of DNA, correct?
[Everyone] – Yes

[Michael] – So the three of us are here this evening as representatives from the
higher angelic realms, from the levels at which unconditional love and support
can flow through and again encourage you as you have been encouraged many
times before, to continue on. And think of ascension far beyond, … about not
just being about ascension of the humans. Ascension is about more light coming
in, so instead of thinking about people transforming, think about it being about
this influx of light that is available now. And the planetary energetic can allow
that light to come in… for the planetary body and all that inhabits it. Being in a
place to allow that light to come in, allows more light to be there. So instead of it
being like a proud ascension, like I’m better than you and I’ve moved forward, it’s
about this collective level of light that can come in.
So imagine it being not unlike a house with all the blinds closed. The light can be
coming towards the house and be on the outside, but if all the blinds are closed,
the house can’t receive the light, and be warmed by the light, and shifted and
changed. And because of the blinds there, you can’t experience the light through
warmth or physical light to see more of what’s around you to allow you to interact
more with the place where you are. So can you imagine being in a dark house
with all the blinds closed? You can be bumping into everything and you might not
be able to fully experience your house if the blinds are closed and you have no
light coming in. The light can be coming toward the house and hitting it, but if
there is no ability for that light to interact on the other side of that closed system,
then everyone is still in the dark so to speak. So when the blinds in the house
are raised and the light has the ability to come in, what’s inside the house
changes, correct?
[Everyone] – Yes
[Michael] – The people – if you assume they are inhabitants and they are living
beings using this metaphor of the house – they have more light and what can
happen with that? They can be warmer, they can see what’s going on, they can
actually interact with the outside more, because they can now either move
outside or see outside. And there is that greater level of interaction and more
can come in, and therefore then maybe they are not bumping into things in the
house. Maybe they can read the books in the house and they can make different
decisions based on that light that’s coming in. And that’s what ascension is. It’s
about this increased level of light that we can move forward with and interact with
and enrich our lives with.
So it is not a spiritual hierarchy so to speak as so many people like to say. It is a
principle of this interaction between things that were already there and them now
being able to communicate, and that’s what ascension is. And so that greater
level of light is not just about a human being and where they are spiritually, which
is a sense of snobbery, isn’t it? It’s about everything. There is no separation
between the trees and the plants and the insects and the inside and the outside
of the planet and the water and the animals and the rocks. Yet as the intelligent

life force on the planet, you have this potential to carry more light, and in carrying
more light, it impacts the things around you which then can carry more light as
well. And the “who” then is the living and non-living things as you would say. It is
not just about the person next to you. It is about everything. And it is about the
amount of light that’s carried, and it’s not about a spiritual hierarchy and that
inherent stratification within society of, “Oh, they are third dimensional. Oh, they
are fifth dimensional. I know I’m ascending to the fifth dimension. Oh, they’re not
going to go with us. Oh, sorry.” Do you understand what we are saying here?
[Everyone] – Yes
[Michael] – That is about the work you’re bringing in. And you can carry that
through and that seed of understanding that it is not just about the human beings,
it’s about this shift in the ability to interact with more light, which allows us to be
less separated from the light of source – which allows more light coming into our
home, allowing us to interact more with what is already around us. It gives us
greater experiences, and in this case brings us closer to source. But our
ascension is about every single thing on the planet, and it’s not so much about
whether you do a 111 on everything on the planet. What we want you to
understand is this concept of ascension that’s outside of this spiritual hierarchy
that’s so prevalent in people’s consciousness these days. Does this make
[Everyone] – Yes
[Michael] – This is a philosophical basis that we would like you to hold. So that
in this great spiritual time it’s not just about human beings and creating another
level of “I’m better than you are,” which in and of itself is very third dimensional
and human, isn’t it? And ego based. And whether this philosophical point is
taught or not, you as the founders can hold this space of this. So inherent in your
words as you go out and you communicate, whether it’s in writing or whether it is
the spoken word or whether it’s out in the media, or whether it’s one-on-one with
somebody on the street, you hold the space of knowing and understanding that
what you’re doing is raising the blinds. And in raising the blinds, it doesn’t make
anyone better or worse than anybody else, right? Nobody’s pathetic, nobody’s
better, nobody’s leaving other people behind. So when people talk about the
100th monkey and the idea that when enough beings resonate at a certain level,
then it just expands throughout the population so to speak. What you are doing is
allowing more people to access the light to become that 100th monkey so to
speak. And again, it’s not just within the human population. It’s within every
single particle, leaving nothing aside that’s on this planet. Yet you as the human
beings have the level of brain development and the cognitive abilities that human
beings carry that are different than the animals and the plant kingdom, and the
seemingly inanimate kingdom on the planet. You have the opportunity to reach
out and grab it so to speak, and bring that light in. And in holding that light, you
have that opportunity to share it with those beings both animate and inanimate
around you, that don’t have that capacity to reach. So it’s like a parent reaching
for that apple in the tree that their child can’t reach, so they can feed their child. It

doesn’t make the parent better than the child, does it?
[Everyone] – No
[Michael] – The child can’t reach it. You have the capacity to reach for it, so you
can reach for it, bring it down and then share it with all around. Again, it doesn’t
make you better or worse, it just is. And with that gifting of being able to reach
for the light – and those who come to this will be the ones who are reaching – but
holding the philosophical space that they’re not better or worse, not more
advanced or less advanced, without making spiritual judgment around it. It is just
a question of the parent reaching for the apple because the child is not old
enough to reach that far, and handing it to the child and nurturing the child. That
is what we are here to give and gift. Does this make sense?
[Everyone] – Yes.
[Michael] –How does that feel?
[Everyone] – Good.

[Holly] – …So this feels like Metatron. …

[Metatron] – So the space that you can hold will bring new levels of ways that
you can assist people, not just teaching them about holographic things, but
teaching them about finding ways to not jump into the net of collective
consciousness at times of stress. And we are going to call it stress instead of
fear. … And dear ones, at any moment when there is any doubt, or stress, or
confusion, or worry, or wondering, we ask that you feel the presence of the three
of us, Melchizedek, Michael and Metatron, hovering right above you always –
guiding this, supporting this, along with the High Council of Orion, Ashtar and any
other of your own personal guides and beings who are here to assist you, and
the others that will continue to come forward as time goes by. And as we’ve said
before, each of you brings your unique gifts and talents, your unique views and
vision, yet you all have the common heart that allows you to see beyond the wall
– to know that there is something on the other side. And not only are you willing
to climb over the wall and get there, you want to take all your friends with you!
And in doing so you could think of the fact that as you bring your friends along
with you, the wall dissolves. So blessings to each one of you and as you have
heard many times before and you will hear many times in the future, thank you!

Channeled excerp from Archangel Michael regardind Ascension


…it’s about the shift and change from the teeny tiniest little piece within each and every living and nonliving being, all the way up to looking at the grandness of the planet as a living being. You understand that with the Universal Sphere you have been playing with Ashtar you are taking a microcosmic piece of the macrocosm. Similarly this ascension is about the shift and change in the light frequency, and the light that is being held, and has the potential to be held, within the very teeny tiniest non-visible particle all the way through to the largest thing you can think about within this experience, which one would say, would be the planet. So when one goes out into the world and they talk about ascension, people automatically think of the humans, and maybe they will go to animals and maybe they will go to communities and systems, like governmental and monetary and political systems. But within all the social systems it is about seeing shifts and changes that empower. It is also about what’s happening at the atomic level, at the level of the DNA. Take the DNA for example, if the DNA in this physical experience shifts and changes because the shifts and changes that are happening as a result of a greater level light coming in, then that has the potential to change what? Every living thing that is a carrier of DNA, correct?

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History of Orion Network for Evolution

Orion Network for Evolution
Orion Network for Evolution

This has been an amazing journey that the Co-Founders of Orion Network for Evolution never consciously anticipated taking. However since the journey began, each of us has had a deep recognition on a soul level that we were meant to show up and play this role in the universal expansion underway.


For many years, all of us had been working within the alternative healing realm, and most of us had been teaching healing internationally. Over the course of several years, we had helped empower thousands across the globe to step into their mastery as healers. Then, in December 2010, something unexpected happened. There was a student from one of our classes who, after attending the seminar, apparently experienced an unanticipated transformation—she began to channel regularly. Eventually she received an important message for us, supposedly from Archangel Michael. This woman flew hundreds of miles to deliver us this channeled message in person, and the message was this: There are important “activation codes” that we need to bring forth for the sake of helping humanity at this time of the shift on our planet. She said that it was imperative that we gather together to channel in these new processes as soon as possible.

As you can see from our individual biographies each of has a background in very mainstream careers. Despite the fact that we had transitioned into working within what many consider to be the “alternative” realm, our minds remain very logical and scientific. So although our initial reaction to this message was surprise and awe, we also felt quite a bit of skepticism. Who was this woman? Did she really channel? Even if she did channel, was there any truth to this particular message? What “activation codes” could she be talking about? As we were discussing this situation, we also discussed our own inner guidance, and we found that during previous month a couple of us had been intuiting the exact same information relating to sacred geometry. Because of this synchronicity—as well as having a sense of knowingness about this—we felt compelled to heed this message. We gathered together on a remote island in January of 2011.

Although each of us had had some training and experience with channeling, we had no idea how to proceed to develop these activation codes. Treating this as a fun experiment as well as a good excuse to gather together as friends, we had no idea what was about to unfold. We connected with nature, shared meals, talked and laughed together, and began the collaboration of co-creating a new energetic process. With a sense of wonder and playfulness, we tapped into the quantum field to access these activation codes. We did this intuitively — kinesthetically, auditorily, through second sight, and by utilizing our inner sense of knowingness—while incorporating the sacred geometry obtained from our previous inner guidance. In the early morning hours of January 11, 2011, our first activation process began downloading in earnest. As we continued to develop this activation, a more traditional type of channeling organically came through, offering us beautiful words to illuminate the purpose of these activations.Moving forward, the rational scientist within each of us wanted evidence that this was something of substance. We tested this first gift of co-creation on each other, our friends, and our family members, and then ultimately with the world. The results have provided us with significant validation of the importance of this work. We have continued to develop more, including the Universal Sphere. Our unseen “partners” in this work continue to guide us, so that we can help support individuals, our planet, and beyond.Witnessing the profound shift in the lives of the people this work touches motivates us to move forward in various ways: through facilitating sessions, offering practitioner training and support, communicating in the media, and developing new activations. Although on the human level we are co-founders of a business, on another level we are pioneers travelling together, forging new pathways to an enlightened earth.

Vision of Orion Network for Evolution

Through a multi-dimensional partnership, Orion Network for Evolution aligns with the free flow of universal wisdom to co-create infinite expansion. Orion Network for Evolution’s vision is one of releasing the illusion of separation and reclaiming the true essence of unity with all that is, through the vibration of universal love. Playing joyfully in the energetic realm illuminates our true connection to source, accelerating universal evolution.

Karen Keeney

Karen loves living on the cutting edge of evolution. That love inspired her leap from successful attorney to global teacher and practitioner of new paradigms of healing and transformation. She experiences life as an ever-expanding adventure, and invites you to share the fun and excitement of discovering your perfect path of evolutionary expansion.

Holly Hawkins Marwood

Holly has been a seeker, healer and teacher for most of her life. Each step has brought new insights, strength, and clarity about her life path as a teacher and guide. Holly has spent many years in the realm of alternative healing developing her knowledge and gifts. Her passion is assisting others in accessing healing and wholeness through greater alignment with their Self. Stepping into the role of Channel for this work is the next step in her unfolding.

Paul Marwood

Paul began his professional life as an engineer, successfully owning and running his company for 17 years. After a serious life event, followed by the kundalini awakening, he shifted from his left-brained engineering world into the right-brained path of spirituality. He spent time developing a deeper connection to his Soul and his guides through study, meditation, yoga and energetic healing. He is honored to be part of this amazing group of people who are being taught by higher beings of light, bringing forth knowledge onto the planet. Paul loves to assist others and his heart and soul are in this work. This is his life’s calling.

Christine Upchurch
Christine is a former research statistician who experienced cancer as a young adult. Without any medical treatment, she healed herself. Since co-creating her own “miracle,” Christine has passionately explored the realm of alternative healing and transformation. For the last several years she has played a prominent role internationally in educating and empowering others to step into their mastery as healers. She is honored to have been called to go beyond teaching, to help bring through these transformational processes. Christine believes that we humans are on the cusp of significantly broadening our perception of reality, and enjoys being on the cutting edge of this evolution.

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