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“When I was 33 years old, I’ve been electrocuted with 300 Volts through my heart. Several health problems, physical and emotional, have given me a great opportunity to learn how to heal myself. I learned from the best, including Dr. Eric Pearl and The Reconnection. I have dedicated several years to help people overcome their difficulties. You, also have this power and my dream is to help you to discover your Inner Power!” – Sylvain Champagne

My Mission :

Guided by the feelings or my heart and the inspiration of my soul, I am here in this era of major humanity’s changes, to assist people to follow their own mission, and to help them to remember who they really are, from their perfect Source.

– Sylvain Champagne

My path until now…

When I worked in electrical engineering, an accident caused health problems in my life. This led me to a wonderful evolutionary path to want to heal myself. In this process, I was initiated to Reiki, to energetic surgery, to the course of Miracles, to The Reconnection, the laws of Attraction, the teaching of Orion Network for Evolution, Laughing yoga and Heart Coherence. All of these steps are now part of who I am, and if you feel that attraction to what I have to offer, that’s probably also because we have something to offer to each others, as we are all are mirrors of each other on our evolution path.

Sylvain Champagne

Author, Founder of the HeartSHIFT Integration
Practitioner, Mentor and Trainer of the Vital Transformation by Light

With Passion, Authenticity and Gratitude

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