What is Universal SPhere

Universal Sphere

The Universal Sphere is a transformational experience in which an energetic connection is made between our human heart and the Heart of the Universe. It allows us the opportunity to interact with the vibration of the Universe, which is also our human essence in its perfection; it is the inherent vibration of our hearts. The Universal Sphere experience first came through in December 2011 by one of our messengers of Higher Guidance whose name is Ashtar.

“The harmonics of the vibration upon which the Universal Sphere is created is the energetic of the ‘ideal vibration of the heart,’ the vibration of the heart at its optimal level.” – Ashtar, 24th December 2011

The Universal Sphere is a 30-minute experience that allows us to connect and resonate with the Perfect Universal Resonance, which is the inherent universal vibration of perfection. Each individual’s interaction with the Perfect Universal Resonance, through the Universal Sphere, allows them to merge with this level of perfection which is centered in the heart.
As explained by Ashtar, The Universal Sphere allows us to become a Universal Human by allowing us to feel and experience, once again, our Universal Connection. The Universal Sphere can be offered either as an independent experience or in conjunction with the 111™ Activation.

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