What is the 111 Activation ?

111 activation

If you are seeking greater balance and expansion and want to live life more fully, the 111 Activation may help you!

The 111 Activation is a transformational, energetic experience designed to accelerate both personal and universal evolution. During a 30 minute session, the practitioner works within the quantum field to co-create a new energetic structure, without physically touching the client. We have been taught that this process expands the quantum space within the body so it can carry more light.

“The density of the body is diminished and more light can move through…allowing the human soul to be less encumbered by the physicality and at a greater connection to source.”
– High Council of Orion, 8th September 2011

The 111 Activation is a transformational process designed to help you evolve on your life’s journey. In this non-touch session, the practitioner works within the quantum field to create a new energetic structure for the client. The 111 Activation is appropriate if you want to shift into living a more conscious, more authentic life. It can also help you to integrate ongoing personal and planetary changes with greater ease. According to our channeled guidance, the 111 Activation helps a person become more permeable to light, creating more “space” at the quantum level within the physical body. This allows a person to become more open to the flow of light, and consequently more connected to Source — that force that some call God, others call higher wisdom, and some scientists call The Field.

Opening to this expansive stream of light can help a person more fully express his/her true self as well as gain easier access to inner guidance and support.

Many who have received their 111 Activation report a wide variety of benefits such as: gaining better clarity, becoming more intuitive, feeling and being more authentic to themselves, releasing old patterns that no longer serve them, and manifesting their desires faster and more easily. Some have also experienced significant physical healings following their 111 Activation.

Clients have called it “expansive,” “life-changing,” and “profound.”

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