General Testimonials on Transformation Sessions

General Testimonials on Transformation Sessions


“ I am feeling very well now..aligned…more observing to what is happening inside my body, like emotions and thoughts. I feel very connected and loving. Sometimes being pulled in some kind of meditative state. I feel like there is more openness in my body, more air, more space….more oneness….” – Testimonial Daphnee Van Driel

“This “HeartSHIFT” was instantally. My Heart feel so much lighter.  I can now go forward with Passion.  It’s incredible.  It’s a gift you have, Sylvain” – Testimonial Pauline Melo

“I am now able to dissolve the fear, stress and anxiety. I found the ability to live the present moment in joy, with a vision and a positive attitude to life. With gratitude” – Testimonial Danielle Geoffroy

“ When I first met Sylvain, it was for a recurring pain in my knee, I even had problem to sleep.  The following day, the pain was gone forever.  During Stressful Challenges, Sylvain Empowered me with Peace and Clarity to Make the Best Decisions of my life!  -Testimonial Céline Larivière

« From our first meeting, I was impressed by the power of his healing energy.  He then made me aware of the healing power  that everyone can use and it changed my way of seeing life.  I also use his services for my 2 children: which improve their health.  Sylvain has a lot of experience and training under his belt.  With all his knowledge, is someone who I trust and I adhered to some of its training programs. Thank you »  – Testimonial Nathalie Mercier

“ Before meeting with Sylvain I had the impression that I had no purpose… I felt like I was going in circle. I constantly lived in fear of tomorrow, fear of missing money, fear of not being adequate and this interfered in all areas of my life. Sylvain gave me the tools to remember about who I am, what I want and how to get there, being able to face my fears that prevented me to grow and advance with trust in my new life. Thank you Sylvain » – Testimonial Francine St-Jules

“ It is absolutely impressive in all that it turns in my life. I do things that I never dared before. I dare to be more authentic with the people who surround me and I do things that I still love more and more.» – Testimonial Marie-Soleil Dauphinais

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