Channeled excerp from Archangel Michael regardind Ascension


…it’s about the shift and change from the teeny tiniest little piece within each and every living and nonliving being, all the way up to looking at the grandness of the planet as a living being. You understand that with the Universal Sphere you have been playing with Ashtar you are taking a microcosmic piece of the macrocosm. Similarly this ascension is about the shift and change in the light frequency, and the light that is being held, and has the potential to be held, within the very teeny tiniest non-visible particle all the way through to the largest thing you can think about within this experience, which one would say, would be the planet. So when one goes out into the world and they talk about ascension, people automatically think of the humans, and maybe they will go to animals and maybe they will go to communities and systems, like governmental and monetary and political systems. But within all the social systems it is about seeing shifts and changes that empower. It is also about what’s happening at the atomic level, at the level of the DNA. Take the DNA for example, if the DNA in this physical experience shifts and changes because the shifts and changes that are happening as a result of a greater level light coming in, then that has the potential to change what? Every living thing that is a carrier of DNA, correct?

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