111 Activation Session – Via Distance

111 Activation Session – Via Distance

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The 111 Activation can be done via distance, and the process is as effective as it is when done in person. It doesn’t matter whether the practitioner and client are next door to each other or on opposite sides of the planet. The 111 Activation works within what scientists call “the Field” and transcends our perceived limitations of distance.

How Does the Session Proceed?

At the time scheduled for your 111 Activation distance session, you will lie down in a quiet room, away from potential distractions. You will then close your eyes, relax, and simply observe your experience. The practitioner will work within the quantum field to create this new energetic structure for you.

The practitioner will facilitate the session for about thirty minutes, but most clients report that their session experience lasts well beyond that time. Ideally, you will allow yourself to continue to remain in your experience until you feel that your session is complete. This is a real advantage of distance sessions – you can stay in your experience as long as you want without being affected by the practitioner’s office schedule.

After you come out of your experience, we encourage you to record whatever you experienced during your session—either by writing it down, recording it, or talking to your practitioner directly afterwards.

Once your session has ended, your transformation will unfold over time.

Can the 111 Activation be facilitated for a person without his/her knowledge?

The 111 Activation is a transformational process that is geared toward helping a person evolve. Typically taking this path is something that a person will choose for him/herself. However, sometimes it may feel appropriate to offer this to someone without his/her knowledge. Our guidance is clear that the evolutionary experiences that occur after a person’s 111 Activation will be for the person’s highest good.

Many people find that the 111 Activation helps them find greater balance and expansion, and allows them to live life more fully. If you want a loved one, family member or friend to reap these benefits and more, the 111 Activation may be the perfect way to ignite their transformation. Wouldn’t this be a truly wonderful gift of a lifetime?

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