111 Activation Session – Adults and Kids

111 activation session – adults and kids

111 activation

The 111 Activation is an energetic process designed to help a person expand on multiple levels. This first Orion Network for Evolution activation got its name from the date we discovered the first parts of the process: January 11, 2011.

Who Can Benefit from the 111 Activation?

Anyone who is drawn to this work can benefit from it. These days, many are facing difficult changes in jobs, finances, relationships, and/or health. Some are experiencing greater emotionality for no apparent reason. Even those who are normally quite centered are sometimes finding it difficult to maintain a sense of balance. There is shifting underway, both external and internal. In the midst of such change, many are searching to find greater ease within their lives, and many find themselves longing to deepen their spiritual connection.

If you are seeking greater balance and expansion and want to live life more fully, the 111 Activation may help you!

Can Children Benefit from the 111 Activation?

Absolutely. These days, children’s lives are often overscheduled and full of stressful demands. Children are often especially vulnerable to the uncertainty and change that is prevalent in our world today. These children may benefit from having their 111 Activation. In addition, there are also many children on the planet now — sometimes referred to as “Indigo” and “Crystal” children — who are more sensitive to the unseen energetic shifts underway, and they too may benefit from feeling more connected to the flow of Source.

What is the Purpose of the 111 Activation?

The 111 Activation is a transformational process designed to help you evolve into living a more conscious, more multidimensional life. It can also help you to assimilate change, and speed your evolutionary journey.

According to channeled guidance, the 111 Activation helps a person become more permeable to light, creating more “space” at the quantum level within the physical body. This allows a person to become more open to the flow of light, and consequently more connected to Source — that force that some call God, others call higher wisdom, and some scientists call The Field. Opening to this expansive stream of light can help a person more fully express his/her true self as well as gain easier access to inner guidance and support.

Potential Benefits:

Clients report that since they received their 111 Activation, they have experienced benefits such as:

  • Greater Clarity
  • Greater Connection to Source
  • Increase in Intuition
  • Greater Acuity of their Senses
  • Becoming More Authentic
  • Cleansing and Clearing
  • Greater ease in release of old patterns
  • Expansion of Creativity
  • More synchronicities
  • Higher level perspective
  • Faster, easier manifestation
What Happens During a 111 Activation Session?

During a 111 Activation session, the client simply lies down, relaxes, and focuses on his/her experience. The practitioner works within the quantum field without actually touching the client. The session with the practitioner lasts for a total of thirty minutes, with the client often reporting that the session experience continues for up to several hours afterwards. The 111 Activation can be facilitated both in-person and via distance with equal effectiveness.

After the session ends, the transformation unfolds over time.


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