Welcome to Heartshift for Transformation to the 5D

Welcome to Heartshift for Transformation to a 5D Evolution

Welcome to my new website, dedicated on the energy tansformation sessions that I do in a quantum field to help people in their process of transformation and evolution. It can be done step by step, in the same order I did, or you could pick what is vibrating the most with you. as my goal is empowering you to trust your inner guidance.

It’s a time of Reconnection and Activations to a 5D Evolution

If you are like many of us, you may be feeling a sense of urgency to become more—even if you don’t know exactly what that means. Perhaps your life circumstances have become a bit unsettled, or you have been feeling more emotional than usual. Perhaps your career leaves you with a sense of emptiness. Perhaps you are looking at the relationships in your life differently, and feel that something is out of balance. Perhaps you are sensing that you are far more than the physical form you see reflected in the mirror. Perhaps you have been on your spiritual path for some time, and now have a deep knowingness that there is something significant unfolding in which you are meant to play a role.

Introduction Video on the Vital Transformation by Light and Information (in french, soon in english)

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing

 The Reconnection

The Reconnection

 111 Activation

111 activation

 Universal Sphere

Universal Sphere






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